MSU Receives $22 million in Grants for 2014 FY

Missouri State University pic

Missouri State University

Nadia Cavner serves as president of investment services firm Nadia Cavner Group in Springfield, Missouri. Outside of her work as a financial services provider, she supports the Our Promise Campaign at Missouri State University.

The Our Promise Campaign began with the goal of raising $125 million on behalf of Missouri State University (MSU). To date, the campaign has surpassed that objective by more than $40 million. During the 2014 fiscal year, the university enjoyed a nine percent increase in total grants received by faculty and staff. Nearly 300 individual grants provided the school with a combined $22 million, according to the MSU Office of Research and Administration. About $8.6 million came from federal agencies, while an additional $4.9 million was provided by state agencies.

Grant money like the funds raised by the Our Promise Campaign is used to improve the university in a variety of ways. A number of faculty members use grant funding to participate in the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). The DESE frequently sends MSU faculty members to other schools in order to assist in teacher training programs.