Missouri State University Our Promise Campaign Champions Education

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Our Promise Campaign
Image: missouristatefoundation.org

Nadia Cavner served as the president of Nadia Cavner Group Investment Services in Springfield, Missouri, for 23 years. Passionate about education and the arts, Nadia Cavner supported the Missouri State University Our Promise campaign through service on the board.

Founded in 1905, Missouri State University was established to prepare teachers for jobs in the local public school system. Today, it offers a wide variety of undergraduate concentrations, as well as graduate degrees.

The Missouri State University Foundation invites alumni and other interested parties to donate directly to the continuation of educational greatness, with funding going to areas in need. Initiatives have included the Our Promise campaign, which began with the ambitious goal of raising $125 million. In 2013, the university announced that $167 million had been raised through commitments and gifts. Over 73,000 donors contributed.

The Our Promise campaign also spread awareness of the other ways interested parties can donate, including through gifts of stocks, bonds, real estate, or securities.


Raising Funds for Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks


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Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks
Image: bcfo.org

The former president of Nadia Cavner Group Investment Services in Springfield, Missouri, Nadia Cavner donates to many charitable and philanthropic organizations serving the local community. Dedicated to helping women in need, Nadia Cavner has made significant contributions to the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks.

The Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks aims to increase breast cancer awareness through comprehensive education. In addition, the organization works to offer financial help for those affected by the disease. The organization sponsors a number of events, from large community gatherings to the sale of goods and services, with proceeds going to families in need.

The Tanger Outlets 5K, the flagship event, is held each September. For those who prefer not to run, the Fun Walk calls upon participants to wear eye-catching costumes, and to simply donate what is possible. The foundation also partners with various local shops to donate proceeds to help those struggling with breast cancer. Recently, its Power of Pink event paired with Brighton Collectibles, which donated $10 for each Power of Pink bracelet sold.

Assyrian Christian Community Joined Together to Free ISIS Captives


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Assyrian Christian
Image: christianitytoday.com

Springfield, Missouri-based Nadia Cavner has built a distinguished professional history as a financial advisor. Working through her former company, Nadia Cavner Group Investment Services, she devoted close to 25 years to providing high-quality consultation. In addition, she has supported a range of humanitarian causes, in particular those promoting the rights of Assyrian refugees in the Middle East and the work of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East.

In early 2016, the Assyrian Church of the East celebrated the release of the last of a group of some 230 Assyrian Christian hostages held by the militant group ISIS. The extremists, as part of their military territorial expansion, had captured this group of Christians from Syria’s Hasakah province in a sudden, terrifying raid early in 2015.

During the hostages’ captivity, Church officials had expressed intense concern for their welfare, fearing that they would become martyrs at the hands of the extremists even as the United States continued to conduct air strikes in the area.

The tight-knit Assyrian Christian diaspora community responded in full force, making personal contributions, holding benefit concerts, and harnessing the power of social media to spread the word about their release and what else they can do as a community of Assyrians.

Care to Learn Provides Basics to Missouri Students in Need


Care to Learn Expands to 28 Chapters throughout Missouri

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Care to Learn
Image: caretolearnfund.org

Nadia Cavner is a community-focused Springfield, Missouri-area philanthropist who engages closely with the Assyrian Church of the East and advocates on behalf of Assyrian refugees in Iraq and Syria. Nadia Cavner is additionally a longtime supporter of Care to Learn, which has developed relationships with school districts and business leaders spanning Missouri in its mission to ensure that students are healthy and well fed.

Ms. Cavner’s support for Care to Learn extended to a generous early-2016 gift of $100,000, earmarked for expansion of the nonprofit into areas where emergent needs are reaching critical levels.

As reported by KY3 News in August 2016, the organization is on a sustained grown path that has included adding several new chapters in municipalities such as Walnut Grove, Mountain Grove, Monett, Ava, and Wright City. In total, Care to Learn is now engaged in partnership with 28 school districts statewide.

The nonprofit’s executive director describes a long-term plan of expanding to 10 further communities over the next decade, with an emphasis on putting local donations to immediate, impactful use in the local community.