The Widespread Impact of Care to Learn


Care to Learn pic

Care to Learn

Nadia Cavner led operations at Nadia Cavner Group Investment Services as president and lead financial advisor from 1991 to 2014. More recently, Ms. Cavner has focused her efforts on supporting a number of philanthropic organizations, including Care to Learn.

Care to Learn is a registered non-profit that addresses the needs of Missouri’s students in a variety of areas, including health, hunger, and hygiene. The widespread impact of Care to Learn’s services and programming cannot be understated. Since the organization’s inception in 2008, Care to Learn has resolved more than 900,000 individual student health needs ranging from new shoes and clothing to an inability to afford food at school. The organization has supported the needs of over 98,000 students across 34 districts, including more than 55,000 students receiving free or reduced lunch benefits thanks to the partnerships that exist between Care to Learn and the school districts they serve.

Care to Learn programming has been praised by teachers and other school staff members. Information about local chapters can be found online at


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