Assyrian Arts Institute Showcases Work of Talented Assyrian Artists


Assyrian Arts Institute  pic

Assyrian Arts Institute

After studying business administration at Texas Wesleyan University and at Texas Christian University, Nadia Cavner built a successful career as a financial advisor, serving clients from her headquarters in Springfield, Missouri, for more than 25 years. Nadia Cavner also supports humanitarian groups and arts organizations, such as the Assyrian Arts Institute.

Formed to support artists from Assyria, the Assyrian Arts Institute helps those displaced from the area of Mesopotamia now divided among the countries of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Through supporting these artists, the institute hopes to uphold their traditions and assist them in continuing to contribute to creative expression in areas ranging from the visual arts to the performing arts and culinary arts.

As part of its support for these artists, the Institute showcases their work and offers it for sale through its website. One of them, Nahrin Malki, focuses on the theme of suffering in her paintings, drawing on her Syrian heritage. To view some of her paintings available for purchase or to learn more about the institute, visit


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