Reasons for Supporting Missouri State University

Missouri State University pic

Missouri State University

Nadia Cavner presently serves the Nadia Cavner Group as president. When she is not overseeing business matters with the group, she works with the Our Promise campaign at Missouri State University.

Missouri State University’s Our Promise campaign was established with a goal of raising $125 million for the college. To date, more than 73,000 donors have accounted for nearly $170 million in contributions. Our Promise encourages individuals to support the university for a number of reasons, such as the enhancement of the school’s global reputation. When universities are ranked by national and international publications, charitable donation percentages are taken into account. By donating to Missouri State University, supporters improve the school’s ranking and attract new students.

By supporting the university, donors are also sponsoring the future generation of leaders. In the past, Missouri State University was responsible for almost 70% of its operating budget. Thanks to donations, the school is only responsible for 38%, allowing additional funds to go to education, art, and science programs. Students who graduate from these programs go on to improve the global community and influence the lives of younger individuals.


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