How Knowledge Can Further Charity

A financial professional active in investment services, Nadia Cavner has received several accolades from Barron’s magazine. Outside of her work with the Nadia Cavner Group, she has contributed to numerous local charities in her town of Springfield, Missouri, including a soup kitchen.

Supporting a local soup kitchen is just one of many ways that people can assist the homeless and other populations in need. A first step toward helping those in need is to educate yourself about the issues they face. There is no sole cause of homelessness; reasons for poverty and transience vary not only from person to person, but also from one area of a city to another. Loss of a job, lack of access to affordable housing, domestic violence and abuse, chemical dependencies, mental illness, and debilitating physical injuries are just a few of the common causes of homelessness. Every individual is different.

Despite this reality, harmful stereotypes about the homeless persist. Many people erroneously believe that homeless persons are too lazy to work, or that their poverty is a result of bad decisions or immoral behavior. In light of this misinformation, helping to educate others is equally important as educating yourself. Simply speaking out when you hear others perpetuating stereotypes about the homeless can go a long way. The more attention the issue of homelessness receives, the more effectively the problem can be remedied.


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